Please send a clear photo of your lips without makeup via email or text message before booking your appointment. This way I can ensure you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure.


• You are under the age of 18
• You are pregnant
• You have Eczema or Psoriasis on or near your lip area
• You suffer from Keloid scarring
• You are undergoing Chemotherapy
• You are taking Roaccutane or have taken Roaccutane within 12 months
• You are taking blood thinning medication and are unable to avoid this medication in the lead up to your appointment

• You have recently had surgery, invasive skin treatments or laser in your lip area
• You have deep smoker’s lines around your mouth
• You have dark pigmentation in your lips


You can still have your lips tattooed if you suffer from Cold Sores. However, if you suffer from Cold Sores (even if it was one 20 years ago!) you MUST take anti-viral medication to avoid a break out or lessen the severity of one if it does occur. If you suffer the occasional Cold Sore I suggest taking anti-viral medication (3 x tablets at once) on the day of your appointment. This medication is available over the counter from a pharmacy.

If you frequently suffer from Cold Sores I recommend visiting your GP for prescription anti-viral medication – this way you can begin taking the medication one week prior to your appointment and continuing to take it one week post procedure. I also recommend you take Lysine in the weeks leading up to your appointment and for 1-2 weeks after.

If you are unsure about how much anti-viral you should take, please contact Madeleine to discuss prior to your appointment.


Lip Tattoo and Lip Fillers work well together but the two procedures must be done a minimum of 6 weeks apart. If you already have filler that is okay, we can still tattoo your lips.


Please avoid any blood thinning medications including fish oil and Ibuprofen in the days leading up to your appointment. You must avoid alcohol for 24 hours before and please, no caffeine on the day of your procedure – it may increase your swelling significantly.

It is a good idea to give your lips a light exfoliation before your appointment using some olive oil and sugar mixed together. Please use plenty of lip balm or Bepanthen in the days leading up to your appointment to ensure your lips are hydrated and smooth.


Please read the aftercare instructions below before your appointment to ensure you plan your activities in the days after your lip tattoo accordingly.

Your lip blush tattoo will take approximately 4 – 7 days to heal.
During this time it is important to:

• Wipe your lips with the pads provided every 30-60 mins for the rest of
the day after your procedure. This will remove lymph fluid and reduce

potential scabbing. Apply balm after each time you wipe your lips clean.
• Keep lips hydrated with the balm provided. Apply very frequently
and do not allow the lips to dry out for the healing period
• Avoid spicy food
• Avoid hot and cold food / drink for the first few hours after procedure
• Use a straw when drinking for the first few days
• Avoid kissing
• Avoid swimming, saunas or submerging the area in water – normal
washing in the shower is okay
• Avoid sweating – no gym or heavy exercise until fully healed
• Do not wear lipstick or any makeup on the lips until fully healed
• Avoid sun exposure
• Do not pick any flaking skin off of lips

Your lips may be quite swollen (or not swollen at all) after the procedure – everyone is different! Swelling should subside within 4 – 24 hours.

Your lips may feel quite dry and flaky on days 2 – 4, this is normal – DO NOT PICK! 

You can expect your lip blush tattoo to heal approximately 40 – 60% lighter than the colour you see immediately after the procedure. The colour will appear more vibrant on the second and third day. Colour will continue to develop over the weeks before your retouch appointment.